Our Story

We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs in the fields of wearable tech and social
media with success stories under our belts. Backed by industry leading investors
and advisors from companies such as Google, Facebook and Samsung, we’ve
embarked on a mission to address the emotional human need for self expression
and social interaction.
our mission is simple yet bold: to make wearables cool and relevant, integrating
wearable-tech and social media in a way that will excite users and create a new
type of ecosystem in which brands and media partners can reach and engage
their audience.
The result is Say – a game-changing social media platform for wearables that’s poised
to change the way people express themselves in public, improve social interactions
and helps them become part of a team…or as we like to call it a tribe.
The Say Experience isn’t simply cool, it’s a new business modal that integrates brands
and consumers and opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketers, developers
and designers who wish to build exciting experiences on the Say platform.